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As part of ongoing efforts to improve worldwide health, in particular in poor and underserved areas, Global Handwashing Day was held on October 15th.

Tanzania was one of 100 countries worldwide to participate in the event, which aims to bring awareness to the necessity of this often neglected (or poorly understood), but highly effective practice in reducing the spread of disease.

Over 200 million people worldwide participated in events and education programs related to Global Handwashing Day.

Especially in poor areas where access to clean water and adequate sanitation may be limited, the importance of thorough handwashing with soap and water is critical. Studies have shown that even with unclean water, washing with soap greatly reduces the spread of illness. Studies have also shown that even in countries where the average standard of living is high, and the link between human feces and disease is well understood, individuals often neglect to wash their hands.

WaterAid (formerly WaterCan) was one of the most prominent NGOs participating in the worldwide event. The group, which focuses on improving access to clean water and safe sanitation worldwide, considers the event an integral part of their annual efforts.

Past efforts by WaterAid to draw attention to clean water issues and to raise funds to help improve access have included awareness walks, philanthropic gala events, and worldwide adventure trips that double as fundraisers (including a Kilimanjaro trek with Thomson Safaris).

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