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Too often, our idea of daily life in a developing country says more about us, the viewers, than it does about the individuals we’re looking at. Our preconceived notions make it hard to truly understand others’ experiences, the first, necessary step to helping them take positive steps forward.

The Disposable Project puts the power of that all-important first impression in the hands of the people best-equipped to tell their stories: the children of Tanzania.

Started by Raul Guerrero in 2011 in Moshi, Tanzania, the project began when Guerrero simply handed 100 disposable cameras to nine schoolchildren, asking them to document their daily experiences.

Guerrero went on to offer basic photography training to the students, teaching them not only how to frame a shot, but how to use the medium to tell a story.

Credit: The Disposable Project

Guerrero collected the images the children captured—a collective portrait of their community—in a book: The Disposable Project. Proceeds from its sale go to Born to Learn, a Moshi-based NGO that gets disadvantaged children off the streets and into classrooms. Though still small and locally focused, the group has big goals, including its own dedicated school that can take in many of the thousands upon thousands of Tanzanian children currently receiving little or no education.

The images in the book offer a fascinating glimpse into the day-to-day lives of this often overlooked population. Not only are the kids involved in the project gaining valuable skills that will help them have a brighter future, they’re sharing an intimate, revealing portrait of life on the fringes.

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